The Microbiology Show 2018 – Tuesday 30th October | The Roundhouse | Derby

The world of Microbiological Science and the analyses, scientific equipment and services associated with it are developing at a rapid rate.

Microbiology testing services are an essential requirement across many industries where products, processes and health are at risk of being negatively affected by the presence and breeding of micro-organisms.

The Microbiology Show brings together the technology, equipment, consultancy and services associated with the field of microbiology together in one trade event. From microbiology testing services to products that inhibit the risk of bacterial contamination to laboratory equipment used in in-house microbiology departments, the event covers all aspects of the field of microbiology across all applications.

Each day, products and materials encounter micro-organisms. Many can cause significant contamination, damage and risk to human health. Some microbes can utilize your product as a food source, breaking the material down into nutrients and irreversibly changing the product whilst other microbes can spoil food, negatively affect production environments, products and infrastructure. They can cause severe illness or contaminate sterile environments

Held at the award-winning Derby Roundhouse and with a series of keynote presentations from thought leaders in the commercial use of microbiology, and including demonstrations of the latest equipment and technological advances in the field, the event will be the must attend event for all those involved in world of microbiology and microbiological services